May 14, 2020 - June 15, 2022


While the state of the nation has placed the Pollard Theatre Company on an unexpected hiatus from its typical production, the resident company has continued to find unique ways to share their artistry with both, it's traditional and non-traditional audiences. D20 to Curtain Podcast offers a brand new type of show from a few Pollard favorites and brings the companies love of theatre and passion for story-telling to the podcasting medium.
This week, the Pollard Theatre Company supported the launch of "D20 to Curtain Podcast", a new audio show where "Oklahoma theatre geeks hit record and explore their new addiction to Dungeons & Dragons". Executive produced by Jennifer and W. Jerome Stevenson along with Pollard Theatre Company members Timothy Stewart and Jared Blount, the podcast introduces theatrical techniques to the tabletop roleplaying game while the cast learns more about the game from the larger D&D community.

"I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons through Jennifer, who is big fan of the game as well as shows like Critical Role," said Stevenson. "In watching and learning more about the game from her, I discovered that in addition to being a really fun form of escapism, the game was a really effective tool for sharpening so many of the skills that make both a good and generous actors. We've been playing with some of these folks for a few years and became really excited about the idea of creating a podcast where we could simultaneously share our thoughts on roleplay as performers while the community shares with us their understanding of how to get the most out of the game," Stevenson explained.

D20 to Curtain Podcast features a cast of stage actors, directors and writers who are relatively new to the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons. W. Jerome Stevenson serves as the show's Dungeon Master while the players include Timothy Stewart (playing Altruian James - a tiefling Bard), Kara-Lynn Neal (playing in Eleven Sorcerer, Nesrin Kalisole), Jennifer Stevenson (playing a Aasimar Cleric named Eula Reid), Jared Blount (playing a Changeling Monk called Jaide), and Jodi Nestander (playing a Earth Genasi fighter known as Lapis). D20 to Curtain Podcast features two episode types which provide audiences with different perspectives on the popular hobby. Live-play where the cast plays through an actual D & D adventure and Behind the Curtain episodes which contains informative interviews and discussions designed to help cast and audience discover new ways to create more immersive tabletop roleplaying game experience.

For the uninitiated, the D20 to Curtain crew promises a show that will introduce the game to neophytes. Timothy Stewart explained the show's plan to create a unique and inclusive experience. "Two years ago, we fell in love with this game and we want to share that experience with the audience. We are still learning the game so we wanted to create a truly interactive experience with the audience bringing their experience and expertise to the table to help us all discover the possibilities together," Stewart commented. "The goal is to build a broad community of voices and expertise - veteran players, complete D & D novices, actors, writers - you name it. All of us helping one another to get the most out of this game that celebrates make-believe and is focused on collaborative story-telling."

A passion project among friends, long-time Pollard collaborator, Louise Goldberg composed original music for the adventure including the character's theme, The Hero's Call. Stevenson explained that the show has plans to feature veteran guest players from within the D & D community as well as to invite area performers to be introduced to the game live on the show.

New episodes of the podcast will be released every other Monday and the show is rated explicit so parental discretion is advised. D20 to Curtain is available to listen to and download wherever podcast are available including:


D20 to Curtain Podcast contains mature language and themes and parental discretion is advised. For more information about D20 to Curtain Podcast, visit www.d20tocurtain.com

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